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Here's what your financial support will help fund

- In 2018, Trailblazer will continue our most well-known activities at their present levels (providing wells, water filters, and schools) and expand those activities that complete our well-rounded rural community development strategy (agricultural trainings, and income-generating opportunities). Specifically, we will:

- construct and distribute water filters to 450 rural families (with an average of five people per family).

- drill new wells for 100 Cambodian families.

- provide 50 families with a new latrine, and the better hygiene that comes with it.

- we will combine our agricultural trainings into a comprehensive "Homestead Garden Training," which will focus on the basics of growing crops for personal/family consumption. We plan to hold ten of these trainings, for a total of 100+ attendees.

- secure the funds needed to build a new school in a rural Cambodian village.

- provide 100 bikes to students, helping to reduce another barrier to education.